Some Thoughts and Thanks from Leap's Clients:

"I have worked on three projects with Paul at Leap Studios. Nothing shy of great experiences. Paul is one of the most creative and knowledgeable persons that i have had the pleasure of creating with. While doing vocal tracks, he helped to expand the visions that I came in with and provided a comfortable, laid back atmosphere while getting down to business and utilizing time efficiently. I had a blast! He is also a great studio drummer. I've learned MUCH in his presence. I was satisfied with the production quality of our projects and I have heard many great recordings that have com out of this studio. Definitely worth the time and money... THANX PAUL!"  - James Hutchinson - Bimora, The Good Captain, Black feratu

"Brous has the best reverbs in town. Like butter on my mix! We come to Lafayette from Amelia, LA to work with Leap Studios because Paul puts us in the pocket. He knows what we need." - Tommy Gros and Stormy Weather

"The combination of Paul's musicality, mixed with his knowledge of the recording/engineering aspect generally yield a product above and beyond what one would come to expect." - Darron Wood

Just wanted to say thank you again for helping me record all of my prescreening tapes. I passed 2 out of 3 schools, so I'll get to audition out in Boulder and at the Cleveland Institute. Thanks again!!! -  Julie Sabo

"If asked about my experience at Leap, this is what I would say:
The interaction between engineer and musician is very important in the recording process and I value the input that Paul brings to the table during recording sessions. As a musician, Paul always has ideas that help shape the recording and he is able to put life into tracks beyond what I can imagine. I have been recording with Paul Broussard for several years now and have watched his studio grow over the years. Paul invests much time, energy, and money into his studio. I can honestly say that every time I go back to Leap Studios to record, the quality of the recording is better than the last time. Paul is always leaping ahead." - Shawn Carter - Shawn and Lance  

"I’ve enjoyed every time I’ve recorded at Leap Studios. The atmosphere is comfortable and I always felt at ease. I appreciate the promptness yet thoroughness of the process. I honestly have nothing negative to say! I look forward to doing more recording soon!!!!!!!!!" - Amy Arceneaux

"The recordings sound fantastic. We believe that you've justly represented the passion that we share in our music. Your reaches for perfection drive us even harder now to better ourselves both individually and as a group. We want to thank you for all of the time and energy that you've put into this project, for it truly shows. We wish we could give you a little something extra, but we're now sitting in over two grand of debt! But we think it was well worth it, and have no doubt that we will blossom from both the experience and the sales of a great sounding record. Thank you." - Brandon - Everbreath

"Paul has a great sense of humor and makes the recording process enjoyable. Paul creates an artist-friendly environment: his patience allows for creativity and his professionalism helps make the decisions that keep the project moving forward. He's a hard worker who is committed to his clients." - Lance Strother - Shawn and Lance

"Leap Studios was great! It was our first cd that we were recording and we had been to three different studios and no one could seem to grasp our vision for the album, until we sat with Paul Broussard at leap studios. He took our vision for the album and brought it to a whole new level. The finished product was better then we expected. Paul was very professional and creative. Needless to say Parallel The Sky will be recording their second cd with Leap Studios." - Josh Smith - Parallel The Sky

"Leap Studios was my first studio experience and it couldn't have been a better one. the set up is real laid back and homely, giving myself a relaxed feeling when recording, which is very important. Paul is also really good at throwing in ideas that were never thought about, and a lot of them have made the record." - Jon Stephenson - Karma Protocol

"Leap Studios is like an amazing machine in Willy Wonka's factory. You bring your songs in and it pumps out something more beautiful and more surprising than you thought was possible. Leap's equipment is second to none, and Paul is nothing short of a mad scientist at the controls. No question - the best studio experience I've ever had." - John Petersen

"Sounds better than half the bands on the radio. Your attention to details is very evident." - Chase Labure - Karma Protocol 

"Leap Studios is just bee's knees, best badass place to record period!!! Paul (and spook) make the place extremely relaxing for the best takes you could possibly ask for." - Baret Fritz - Destination Sanity

"Leap studios has a great environment and feel.  Great sound at a very reasonable price." Gary - Royal Teeth 

"Great studio. Great sound. Great experience! Paul Broussard is top notch and I would highly recommend Leap Studios to anyone." - Cale Pellick

"I have recorded with Paul at Leap Studios on several occasions over the past 5 years. Paul is the epitome of professional. His equipment is top-of-the-line. He's got a great ear of his own, but always considers the opinions from his clients. I personally have recorded with some of the greats: Eddie Schuller, Mark Miller, and Grammy award winner, Tony Daigle. Paul is, as good an engineer as any of them, if not better!" - Craig Mouton - Sunday Morning Headcount 

"Anyone looking for a laid back place to record their tunes needs to look no further. Leap Studios is definitely the place to go. Paul has created a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that makes recording a real pleasure. He was able to tweak my songs and make them sound better than i ever thought they could. Thanks again Paul. P.S. (I'll be bock)." - Steve Camos

"Leap Studios has tons of equipment and the capability to get the sounds you hear in your head. It's an atmosphere dedicated to recording, and Paul goes above and beyond on projects to get the best results. He also gets the best guitar and drum tones in town!" - Jim McGee - Jim McGee Trio 

"Leap studios provides an environment that combines creativity and fun." - Skip Angelle - Down in the Park