Mac Pro dual 2.93gHz 6-core Workstation w 16Gb RAM 

Avid ProTools HDX Version 11.2.1 & 10.3.9 w HDX PCIe card

Avid 16x16 and 8x8x8 HD I/O interfaces

Avid C/24 and Control 24 control surfaces

Apogee Big Ben master clock

Universal Audio UAD-2 QUAD PCIe card

Steinberg WaveLab Version 8.0.7


Genelec 1032B Monitors

Mackie MR10S mk3 subwoofer

Mackie HR824 Monitors

Event Reference 5 Monitors

Presonus Central Station Plus Monitoring Controller

Powerplay-16 headphone mixer system

AKG 240 mixing headphones

EX-25 extreme isolation tracking headphones


Focusrite ISA 428

Focusrite ISA 220

API 7600

Presonus ADL600

Chameleon Labs 7802

Neve 1073 (2)

Universal Audio 6176

JDK Audio MP-R20

Lindell 6X-500 preamp-E2 (2)

Lindell Audio PEX-500 Passive EQs (2))

Kush Electra 500 series EQs (2)

DBX 576

UA 1176 (2)

Daking FET compressor II

DBX 118 stereo compressor/expander

Avalon 737SP  (with "Babyface" mod)

Fractal AXE-FX II

Electra EP-150 Vintage Analog Delay

Rocktron 310 compressor

CL-2 Cloudlifter

Palmer Junction Box


Miktek CV4 

Neumann TLM 103 (2)

AKG 414 EB

Earthworks QTC40 (Matched Pair)

U87 (MJE modded Rode NT-1)

Cascade Fathead (2)

Royer SF-12 

Custom-made "world market" subkick

Audio Technica AE2500

AKG D-112

Placid Audio Copperphone

Shure SM91 (2)

Shure SM7 

Shure Beta 98D/S (4)

Shure Beta 57A

Shure Beta 56

Shure SM57 (4)

Shure SM57  (transformerless)

Shure SM58 (2)

Shure SM81 (2) 

Sennheiser MD 421II (3) 

Electrovoice RE20

AKG 451

Telefunken D77  (R.I.P)

Sennheiser 441 (2)