One of the best and most musical things Leap Studios offers is flexibility.  When tracking a song from scratch, there are many ways to make it flow smoothly.  The flexibility to record the whole band at once or track separately can really affect the outcome of the song.  Some artists prefer to track one instrument at a time. This allows a level of precision and isolation that really can't be attained when tracking all at once.  Others prefer to get a larger bed of instruments tracked all at once. This method helps to establish the feel of the song early on in the process.  This method also creates a feel that is reminiscent of a live gig and is a totally different approach from the separation method.  

Taking care to achieve the highest in audio quality, Leap Studios believes that this first stage is the most important. The musician must first be in his element, and should feel completely comfortable. The musician’s performance will then be captured and it is imperative at this stage that the correct combination of equipment and expertise is used to capture the event.

At Leap Studios, we promise to take all steps
necessary to make sure that the musician is comfortable
and their music is captured with the highest fidelity.