Making a mix for a song is a musical event all in itself.  I routinely find I am following my musical intuition when mixing.  So many options.  So many choices.  Despite all the complexity, I definitely find that mixing is my forté.  When mixing, drums and bass guitar need to work together to lay the foundation for the rest of the instruments to rest upon. Guitars, synths and strings must have enough space to ensure melody is conveyed. Lastly, vocals and background vocals must be placed where they can be heard at just the right level.  

Once the performance has been captured, all separate tracks must be placed at their relative volumes along with use of EQ, compression and effects to create the final mix. This is where Leap Studios excels. Mixing takes all the pieces and expertly puts them together to make the best possible whole.

At Leap Studios, we promise to take all steps
necessary to make sure the balance, feel and
commercial viability of your stereo mix down meets all
of your expectations and is compelling and moving in all the ways you imagined.