Mastering. To many people it is voodoo.  Here at Leap Studios it is science.  When someone listens to your CD, you (the artist) want them to hear it the exact way you intended them to.  Louder more abrasive songs need to actually be louder than softer ballads. Songs that have more low-end need to be presented with their low-end controlled so their speakers aren't overwhelmed.  Here at Leap Studios we use high-resolution processes and advanced techniques to master your CD. 

Once the stereo mix down has been completed, it is transferred to Steinberg's WAVELAB for mastering. In the mastering stage, your songs can be further augmented using EQ, compression and limiting so that the flow and overall volume of your CD is within your specifications. At this stage, CD markers and CD text will also be added to your CD to conform to Red Book standards. At the end of this stage, your CD is then ready for duplication. 

At Leap Studios, we promise to take all
steps necessary to make sure your
finished CD meets all of your expectations.